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About SpeakEasy | SpeakEasy

About SpeakEasy

Subversive reading. Great ideas. Shh! Pass it on.

Our commitment to you

  • SpeakEasy gets books (and sometimes music) from authors, publishers, prophets, and pamphleteers.
  • We serve people interested in church, be it emerging or missional, organic or ancient-future, as well as spiritual-but-not-religious folks.
  • What holds us together is a passion for ideas - the earth-shakingly new as well as the tried-and-true; care for the form as well as the content.

Your commitment to us

  • When you apply, you'll hear if you're in within 48 hours of when we receive your application.
  • If you're in, you'll get no-obligation emails about once a month when new items are in, and you can sign in to select them.
  • If you select an item, you're agreeing to blog about it within 30 days, with your honest opinion, and include a link back to the item on SpeakEasy.
  • Okay, I know what I'm in for. Pour me a tall one!

Apply Now!

Need more information?

Selecting items We typically have about 50 copies of any given item available, and they're first-come, first-served. You claim your item by signing in and selecting it before it runs dry. If you get an item that month, we ship it to you in a prompt manner (let us know if you don't get it within 10 days).

Reviewing items When you agree to blog about an item (let's say a 200 word review or more) within 30 days, we provide you resources to make the books easy to speak about; you provide your honest opinion. (No political posturing required just 'cause it's free: Speakeasies are free-speech zones.)

On your blog Post your review on your own blog (or online magazine, or podcast - your sphere of digital influence) and include a link on your post to that month's item so that the Speakeasy community - not to mention the publishers who sponsor these sorts of things - can benefit from your review. When possible, we even grant you unprecedented access to the author for interviews if desired - you never know who you're going to run into in Speakeasy.